The Iron Bird is thrilled to be offering workshops that are scheduled or privately requested. Workshops are a wonderful way to be creative, try new artistic methods, and bond with friends, colleagues, or meet new people. The Iron Bird workshops are hosted by local artisans or by one of the Iron Bird artisans. If you would like to know what workshops are coming up, please follow us on Facebook where we will post upcoming events. If you are interested in a group workshop for a special occasion, contact Jenna Riberio at (484) 678-5434 or [email protected]. You can also call the store directly at (484) 341-8935
Some current and future workshop topics include:

  • Charcuterie board design
  • Decoupage tray
  • Furniture painting techniques
  • Designing art pieces with moss
  • The art of pressed flowers
  • Patchwork pillows
  • Hand lettering and typography
  • Flower arranging
  • Bracelet making
  • Wreath making
  • Pumpkin paintingAdd-on items include:
  • Wine/beer or champagne
  • Various snacks (example: cheeseboard, fruit platter)

Sip & Shop events

Most months throughout the year The Iron Bird hosts a Sip & Shop event one time per month. The owner, Jenna, felt this was a great opportunity to invite artisans from the community to share their business and products with The Iron Bird artisans and customers. These events are always held on an evening during the week, making it a perfect excuse for a girls or guys night out. During this event not only will you see outside business represented, but we always offer cocktails, snacks, and prizes that are exclusive to you for attending. These events can be found on Facebook and on Instagram.


Twice a year The Iron Bird hosts larger events like a vendor or craft mercantile. These events will vary in number of vendors but typically have 30 outside vendors as well as food, drinks, entertainment, and extra activities. Learn about these by following us on our Facebook page.